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Mornington Peninsula

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Wine Tours Mornington Peninsula

Winery Tours - Mornington Peninsula

Jackelope, Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula Wine Tours - Watson The Grapevine

Tour Packages

2-11 Guests

Private Group

Great Girls Day out to natter, relax & celebrate.

4 Venues 

Group size:

8-11ppl $ 155pp

5-7ppl  $ 165pp

3-4ppl  $ 195pp

2ppl      $ 225pp

Includes Tastings at all venues, 2 Course Lunch & Glass Of Wine

Venues subject to availability. Advance bookings essential.

On board we have chilled bottled water, snacks & music with Bluetooth connectivity to sing your heart out. 

We help plan your day out and have sooo many wonderful bespoke wineries to explore, not to mention breweries, distilleries & cider houses. The choices are amazing!
We pick up from accommodation on Mornington Peninsula up to Melbourne South Eastern Suburbs 

Girls On The Grapvevine Tours

Beers & Wines

Mornington Peninsula Wine Tours - Watson The Grapevine

Tour packages

2-11 Guests

Private Group

4 Venues  


Group size:

8-11ppl $ 165pp

6-7ppl $  175pp

4-5ppl $  190pp

3-4ppl $  220pp

2ppl     $  250pp  

Including Tastings &  Lunch with glass of wine or beer.

Click on More Details below  to see to see where
your day will start.

On board we have chilled bottled water, snacks & music with Bluetooth connectivity

Beers and Spirits Tour

Mixed Private Group Tour
4 Venues
For groups of 2-11 people

The Mornington Peninsula has some excellent choices for a brewery & distillery tour.

Duration 8 hours approx.

8-11  $175
5-7   $215
3-4  $235
2      $275
This tour is the extra mile when it comes to tastings and testing!
We organise a tour that gives some knowledge into the production of spirits & craft beers.
Tastings at all venues.
Lunch selected from Pizzas or a set menu at a venue you select. 
Glass beer, wine or soft drink.
- Chilled Bottled Water
- Tasty Snacks
- Blue-tooth connectivity for some tunes
- Pick Up Mornington Peninsula areas from
 Portsea to Frankston
*Ask about out side this area and we will help you out.